Top 2023 International Internship Opportunities for Nigerian Graduates

Nothing prepares you for the confusion and struggles that come with being a young graduate in Nigeria. The question of “What’s next?” is never too far from everybody’s lips and not being able to answer that question might make one feel like a failure.

Dear young graduate, we might be able to help you answer the “what’s next” question. If you are ready to embark on a corporate journey beyond the Nigerian borders with your freshly earned graduation certificate, we’ve compiled a list of international internship opportunities that are perfect for you. 

  1. United Nations Internship Program: If you are like Tunde Onakoya and you are passionate about making a global impact, The UN offers internships for people like you in different areas of interest, from human rights to sustainable development. 
  2. Google’s Bold Internship Program: Future Mark Zuckerberg, is that you? Google’s Bold Internship Program is every techie’s chance to work with one of the world’s tech giants. You’ll be surrounded by world-class innovation, and who knows? It might even be the stepping stone that helps you step into a bright future. 
  3. World Bank Internship Program: If economics, finance, or development sounds interesting to you, the World Bank internship program is an excellent choice. You’ll work on projects that impact developing countries and gain valuable experience in international finance.
  4. AIESEC Global Talent Program: AIESEC is all about empowering young people through international experiences. They offer a wide range of internships in different fields across the globe. They also have volunteering opportunities so if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out AIESEC programs.


  1. Deloitte Internship Program: If you are ready to kickstart your career in the corporate world, Deloitte offers internships in various countries. They also offer you an opportunity to learn from the best and gain exposure to international business practices. 
  2. Amnesty International Internship: Amnesty International internships are a perfect fit for any young person who is passionate about human rights. You’ll contribute to the fight for justice and make a real impact. 
  3. CERN Internship Program: For the efiko’s and science gurus, CERN offers internships in the field of particle physics. Imagine how cool it would be to work on world-class experiments in Switzerland!

If you’ve managed to reach this part of this blog post, you might be wondering, “How do I get there?” Here are some tips to help you land these incredible opportunities:

– Research and Prepare: Understand the requirements and application process for each internship program. And submit an application that brilliantly highlights your skills and passion.

– Network: Connect with professionals in the field you’re interested in and seek advice. Networking can open doors you never thought possible.

– Language Skills: Improve your language skills, especially if you’re eyeing programs in non-English-speaking countries. Today might be the perfect day to download Duolingo

– Build Your Resume: Gain relevant experience in Nigeria to strengthen your resume. Volunteer work, unpaid projects, and local internships all count.

– Stay Persistent: The application process can be competitive, and rejection is part of the journey. Don’t give up; keep applying and learning from each experience.

Remember, success knows no borders, and as a young Nigerian graduate, there’s no reason why you can’t shine on the global stage. Embrace the adventure, chase your dreams, and let the world witness your brilliance!

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