Japa Wave: Top 3 Countries for Studying Beyond UK, USA, and Canada

Every Nigerian knows at least one person who has moved abroad this year. A recent migration research shows that in just four years, the number of Nigerian students who received sponsored study visas from the United Kingdom increased by more than eight times, that’s about 73%. 

This means two things – there’s still money in this country and the Japa wave is not ending anytime soon. Every Nigerian on Twitter is itching to post the iconic Shola Sobowale KOB  “Welcome to a new dispensation” meme.

As the japa wave gets more real, it has become easy for Nigerians to focus only on popular countries like the UK, USA and Canada, but when it comes to studying abroad for Nigerians, the opportunities are limitless. 

There is no need to narrow your search for greener pastures to only three countries, especially when a vast pool of untapped opportunities is awaiting you on the other side of the world.

That said, let’s explore other countries that you can consider for study opportunities and everything you need to know about each country. 

  • Hungary: If what you are looking for is high-quality education, then you should definitely consider Hungary. This country has a long history of producing some of the world’s most brilliant minds, including renowned Nobel laureate prize holder Albert Szent-Györgyi, who discovered vitamin C. Aside from being home to brilliant minds like Albert, Hungary is also less populated than the UK and other hotshot countries and is very accepting of international students. Hungary is best known for its medical and dental programmes, but there are many other opportunities for foreign students. If you are considering studying in Hungary,   check out Semmelweis University and the University of Pécs
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): UAE is one of the most underestimated international study locations and is certainly more than a destination on travel bucket lists. Aside from getting access to elegant buildings and beautiful tourist attractions, you can also get access to some of the best universities in the world, As a matter of fact, some of the world’s highest-ranked universities have campus divisions in UAE. The cost of living and studying in the UAE can be expensive. Still, with a current student visa, all international students are permitted to work  15 hours per week in f part-time employment and complete internships there. International students can also apply for scholarships and financial aid in the UAE. There is a wide range of universities to pick from, depending on the program you want to enrol in. 
  • Australia: Australia is a perfect choice for any Nigerian seeking greener pastures. This country is becoming quite common among Nigerians, and there are currently thousands of Nigerians studying there. It also helps that they have many scholarship opportunities for  Nigerians seeking to move to Australia. 

While it is easier to limit your japa dreams to the countries that you are more familiar with, always remind yourself that the world is bigger than just the UK, the USA and Canada. There are many opportunities that await you so channel your inner Burna Boy and walk confidently into the future you deserve.

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