5 Tips To Help You Ace Your Next International Scholarship Interview

Getting invited for that international scholarship interview invitation is a big deal, but nailing the interview itself is an even bigger one. If getting an international scholarship is still one of your goals in 2023, this blog post will serve as the ultimate guide you didn’t know you needed. 

Here are 5 tried-and-true tips that will help you impress the right people during your next scholarship interview.

  1. Know Your Application Inside Out

The first thing that will set you up for success is to constantly review your scholarship application till get familiar enough with it. Interviewers like to form their questions out of the details you’ve provided, so be prepared to talk about your achievements, experiences, and future aspirations. Knowing your application inside out will help you to confidently answer any question that is related to the answers you’ve already provided in your application.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to scholarship interviews, nothing beats regular practices. Don’t be shy to ask for the help of your friends or family members to organize mock interviews several times before the day of your interview. Practice answering common questions about your goals, experiences, and how you plan to use the scholarship. This will boost your confidence and help you improve your responses where there is a need to. 

  1. Tell Your Unique Story

One thing about Nigerians – we have stories for days. The average Nigerian has a compelling story to share. Use your personal experiences to share the unfiltered truth about your journey, highlight the challenges you’ve overcome, and talk about the impact you’ve had on your community. Your unique story is what will set you apart from other applicants.

Ibrahim, a Nigerian scholar, shared his journey from a remote village to moving to the busy city of Lagos to become a passionate advocate for education in his interview. He spoke about the difficulties he faced and how he started a community library to inspire young minds. His story of determination helped him create a lasting impression with the interviewers.=

  1. Research the Scholarship Organization

Take the time to research what the scholarship is about and who the organizers are. Understand their mission, vision, and recent projects. Make sure your responses align with their values and demonstrate why you want to be a part of the future they are trying to build. This will convince your interviewers of your genuine interest in the scholarship.

  1. Ask Thoughtful Questions

Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. So there is no reason why you should not have at least one thoughtful question to ask the interviewers. This shows that you are interested in the scholarship and committed to making the most of the opportunity. It’s also an excellent way to gather valuable insights.

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Scholarships are life-changing opportunities that deserve your best shot.  By following the steps above and keeping your mind focused on positive results, you might soon be on the next international flight that will lead to a new life for you. Good luck!

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