How To Successfully Apply For Financial Aid on Coursera (Approved Template Included)

Coursera is arguably one of the best and most popular learning platforms in the world (and for the right reasons too). This learning platform offers at least 5,800 courses and that’s enough to inform you that it is a knowledge bank that you can benefit significantly from. 

Although most of the courses on Coursera are paid courses, there is a way to access most of these courses without paying any fee. Coursera has a financial aid plan that can cover the full cost of some of its courses. However, the application process is not as simple as you might think.

 Coursera mostly reviews financial aid applications within 15 days after which the application will either be rejected or accepted. If you read this piece till the end, you can be fully assured that all your Coursera financial aid applications will be approved. 

How To Answer Courera Financial Aid Application Questions 

The financial aid application process is made up of two significant questions. Below is a template to answer each question. 

Question 1 – “Why are you applying for financial aid?” (Minimum 150 words)

I am presently enrolled as a student at XYZ College/University, driven by a strong desire to master the intricacies of the XYZ field. My initial steps into this journey involved tapping into freely available online resources, particularly the insightful blog posts on XYZ blog. Nonetheless, I’m mindful that the scope of knowledge attainable through these posts has its limitations. I wholeheartedly recognize that a solid foundation demands more than just the basics.

Hence, I am determined to undertake a comprehensive course that delves into the essential facets of this field. Given my student status, financial constraints are a reality. While internships could have supplemented my income for the course, my existing commitments to personal and college expenses have significantly curtailed my savings potential. It is this genuine aspiration that leads me to explore educational opportunities that can bridge this financial gap and propel my expertise in the XYZ domain.

Question 2: “How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals?” (minimum 150 words)


Undoubtedly, the XYZ course paves the way for abundant career prospects. Its inception in XYZ year marked the beginning of its remarkable growth trajectory. Notably, XYZ authorities and practitioners command some of the highest salary ranges globally. 

My intention revolves around harnessing the potential of this course to improve my foundational understanding of XYZ intricacies. As I progress, I envision immersing myself in the nuances of the XYZ niche, leveraging the solid groundwork I establish. The prospect of engaging in various practical exercises and a culminating project within the course dramatically excites me, recognizing their pivotal role in honing my applied skills within this domain. 

Amidst these aspirations, I am fully conscious of the promising avenues that will unfold upon successfully completing the XYZ course, propelling my career onto an upward trajectory. These opportunities, coupled with my dedication, set the stage for an exciting journey of growth and accomplishment.

The other questions are best answered by you. Good luck! 


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