14 Reasons You Should Apply For An International Scholarship

Aside from being a means to japa, applying for international scholarships is a life-changing experience with many benefits. It opens you to a world of opportunities in real time and can take you from zero to a hundred, improving your personal, social, academic, and professional growth. 

Currently, many people think applying for and getting international scholarships is just a means to leave the country for young Nigerians. That is not true. Pursuing higher education is a transformative aspiration for people with numerous benefits. Let’s explore some reasons you might want to consider to apply for international scholarships.

Why you should apply for an international scholarship

Financial relief

If you are a Nigerian student, one of the most significant reasons to apply for an international scholarship is the financial relief it offers. Have you checked the cost of living lately? Studying abroad can be expensive, from tuition fees and living expenses to travel costs and more. Scholarships cover some or all of these expenses, reducing your financial burden while giving you more access to higher education.

Dream empowerment

If you came from the “trenches”, pursuing education abroad might seem like an ambitious dream. Scholarships provide the crucial financial support to make these dreams a reality. By reducing the burden of tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and other costs, scholarships offer you a lifeline to focus on your studies and personal growth. This empowerment not only benefits you but also your family.

Access to quality education

International education is often associated with academic excellence and advanced learning methods. With scholarships, you can access top-tier institutions. These institutions often offer research opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, and access to an alumni community. You also don’t need to worry about ASUU going on strike or not getting an A because you couldn’t research the course properly.

Skill acquisition

Scholarship recipients often gain access to specialised courses and research projects that nurture their skills in specific areas. These acquired skills range from technical expertise to critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. As a Nigerian student, you will become more valuable in the workspace when you return home armed with these advanced skills. The knowledge you’ll bring back can contribute to various sectors, including tech, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Enhanced career opportunities

Another significant benefit of applying for an international scholarship is its impact on your career trajectories. International education enhances employability by providing exposure to different work cultures and practices. Moreover, employers often seek graduates from prestigious international institutions due to the institutions’ reputation for producing top-tier talent. Scholarships also allow you to engage in internships and part-time work, building practical skills and expanding your professional networks.

Soft skill development

Beyond academic knowledge, applying for an international scholarship can nurture the development of essential soft skills such as communication, adaptability, and intercultural competence. Living in a foreign country, navigating a different educational system, and interacting with diverse peers hone these skills naturally. These skills are becoming increasingly valuable in the global workspace, where collaboration and effective communication are vital in both personal and professional spheres.

Access to prestigious institutions

First, you can have access to quality education. Applying for international scholarships also gives you access to prestigious schools because renowned universities, institutions, and organizations offer many international scholarships. Being a scholarship recipient allows you to study at institutions globally recognized for their academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and innovative teaching methods.

Diverse cultural exposure

Studying abroad through a scholarship exposes you to diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences. You’ll interact with students worldwide, gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures and broadening your horizons. This exposure fosters cultural sensitivity, tolerance, and the ability to collaborate with people from various backgrounds.

Enhanced academic opportunities

International scholarships often provide access to specialized programs, courses, and research opportunities that might be outside of Nigeria. You’ll be exposed to advanced learning methods, good facilities, and trained lecturers and faculty members, giving you a better academic experience.

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Global networking

Being part of an international scholarship program means building a network that spans the globe. The connections you make during your studies can lead to lifelong friendships, collaborations, and potential job opportunities across different countries.

Boost to your resume

An international scholarship is a remarkable addition to your resume. It shows your academic prowess, commitment to personal growth, and willingness to embrace challenges. Scholarship recipients are often viewed as motivated, capable individuals who can contribute positively to any organization or project.

Contribution to home country

When you study abroad through an international scholarship, you are equipped with valuable knowledge and skills to bring back to Nigeria. With the knowledge and skills you’ve gained, you can contribute to Nigeria’s development through innovation, knowledge transfer, and collaboration.

Personal growth and independence

Applying for international scholarships will allow you allow you to live in a foreign country, pushing you out of your comfort zone and encouraging personal growth. You’ll learn to navigate unfamiliar situations and develop a strong sense of independence. 

Lifelong experience

Studying abroad on a scholarship isn’t just about getting a degree; it’s a transformative experience you’ll carry with you throughout your life. The memories, challenges, friendships, and lessons learned will shape your perspective and contribute to your personal and professional journey.


Do you have enough reasons to apply for international scholarships immediately? Scholarships remain a beacon of hope for Nigerian international students as they offer opportunities beyond financial limitations. They shape students’ lives and contribute to Nigeria’s development on a larger scale. It begins with an application. Start now!

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