Nigerians await T.B. Joshua’s prophecy on coronavirus deadline

coronavirus outbreak

coronavirus outbreak

Nigerians are awaiting the prediction of Pastor T.B. Joshua over the deadline for coronavirus.

The coronavirus outbreak has kept many out of jobs and at home with the hope of it ending soon. So many people are hoping that scientists and medical researchers finding a cure or vaccine to curtail this virus.

Amid all these hopes and struggles, T.B. Joshua prophesied that the virus will end on the 27th of March.

While speaking to his church members last week, Joshua said: “This month (March), before 27th it will be over

“By the end of this month, whether we like it or not, no matter medicine they might have produced to cure whatever. It will go the way it comes.

“If it is not medicine that brought this to the world, medicine cannot take it out.”

“The noise of coronavirus would be silenced before the end of March 2020”, Joshua added on Tuesday while answering several questions related to the coronavirus outbreak on his official Facebook Page.

However, Nigerians have taken to social media waiting for the outcome of T.B. Joshua’s prophecy.

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